• Service:Fullstack
  • Software:WordPress, Figma
  • Client:energo-mash.com
  • Date:2021


Create a corporate website for a company that is a unique manufacturer of equipment for pneumatic transportation of bulk materials in Ukraine.Market
● Analysis: Studying the market and competitors to identify key features and competitiveness.
● Product Specifics: Developing a strategy to present products, focusing on their unique characteristics and advantages.
● Content Preparation: Collecting and preparing textual and visual content for the website.

Technical Development Aspects:

● Platform Choice: WordPress was chosen for easy content management and scalability.
● Corporate Design: Developing corporate design reflecting the professionalism and innovation of the company.
● Product Catalog: Creating a detailed catalog with product categorization by types and specifications.
● Technical Documentation: Adding the capability to download technical documentation for each product.
● Feedback Forms: Integrating forms for quick contact and inquiries from clients.
● SEO Optimization: Configuring parameters to improve the site's visibility in search engines.

Testing and Optimization:

● Cross-Browser Testing: Checking correct display on various browsers.
● Page Load Speed: Minimizing page load time to enhance user experience.

Launch and Support:

● Hosting Deployment: Transferring the site to the chosen hosting for stability.
● Technical Support: Providing support and updates to ensure seamless operation.


A created and implemented corporate website that fully reflects the professional approach and products of the company. Ensured convenient navigation and informativeness for clients and potential customers. Implemented technical features for successful product promotion and efficient interaction.