• Service:Fullstack
  • Software:Python, Vue.JS
  • Client:MyMate
  • Date:2024

Dating Website

Development of a Dating Website Using Django and Vue.js.


Develop a modern dating website for users, utilizing Django (backend) and Vue.js (frontend) technologies.


Django Backend: Create a data model for user profiles, photos, messages, and other elements. Develop user authentication and authorization systems. Integrate search filters considering parameters such as age, interests, and location. Implement a chat system using WebSocket for real-time message exchange. Vue.js Frontend: Create a dynamic user interface using Vue.js components. Develop profile, match lists, and chat pages. Integrate animations and micro-interactions to enhance user experience. Security: Protection against SQL injections, CSRF attacks, and other security threats. Encryption of users' personal information.

Design and Navigation

Our minimalist design and user-friendly navigation ensure that finding the necessary information on the website takes no more than 2 minutes, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.


Successfully created and deployed a modern dating website ensuring a high level of security and reactivity. Provided convenient navigation and interactivity for users, fostering active engagement.