• Service:Fullstack
  • Software:Wordpress
  • Client:customcabinetdepot.com
  • Date:2022

Furniture Manufacturing

Create an efficient and informative corporate website for an American company specializing in the manufacturing and installation of furniture. The website should provide information about services, include a product catalog, blog, and contact details.

Analysis and Preparation:

● Target Audience Research: Identify customer needs and preferences.
● Functional Requirements:
- Furniture catalog with detailed descriptions and photos.
- Service system and a portfolio of completed projects.
- Corporate blog with informative articles.
- Contact information and feedback form.
● Design and UX:
- Develop a design that aligns with the corporate identity.

Technical Development:

Implemented component groups:
● Platform Selection: Use WordPress for easy content management.
● Catalog Structure:
- Create a user-friendly catalog structure with filtering options.
● Portfolio and Services:
- Develop a portfolio page showcasing completed projects.
- Describe all provided services.
● Corporate Blog:
- Integrate a blog with articles about trends in the furniture industry.
● Contact Information:
- Display contact details and a feedback form.
● Adaptability and Performance:
- Develop an adaptive design for mobile devices.
- Optimize performance for fast page loading.


A corporate website has been developed and successfully launched, providing customers with extensive information about the company's products and services. Additionally, the corporate blog supports interaction and engagement with the audience.