• Service:Fullstack
  • Software:Opencart, Figma
  • Client:halatik.com.ua
  • Date:2023

Robe E-commerce

Develop a user-friendly and efficient online store for selling various robe models using the Opencart platform.

Market Analysis and Requirements

Conducted a competitive analysis of similar stores to identify successful practices and unique features. Analyzed the preferences of the target audience, which were taken into account during the development of the functionality.

Interface Design and Layout

Created wireframes to define the structure and layouts for visualizing the website design. Developed a distinctive design that reflects the style and character of the client's brand.

Functionality Development

Product Catalog: Created a catalog featuring various robe models in different colors, sizes, and materials.
Filtering and Search: Implemented product filtering for convenient search and comparison, as well as a search functionality for finding products based on various parameters.
Shopping Cart and Checkout: Implemented a shopping cart with the ability to add and remove items, as well as a user-friendly checkout process.
Payment System Integration: Integrated popular payment systems to ensure secure and convenient online transactions.
Review and Rating System: Added a review and rating system for products to enhance consumer trust.
Administrative Panel: Developed a user-friendly admin panel for managing orders, products, and the customer database.
SEO Optimization: Optimized the store for search engines using keywords and meta-tags.
Adaptability: Ensured the adaptability of the online store for correct display on various devices and screens.

Results and Ongoing Support

The online store was successfully launched and is available for customers. The team provided the client with management guidance for the store and is ready to offer support for future project development.