• Service:Fullstack
  • Software:Python, React.js
  • Client:eduspace.com.ua
  • Date:2020


Development of a gamified online platform that helps children overcome reading difficulties and significantly improves their reading skills by 2-3 times within a short period.


Zenetix team has developed two types of applications: for teachers and students with a simple and user-friendly interface. A gamification system for completing tasks, lessons, and courses has been created, offering 5 types of tasks of varying complexity. Students earn virtual money for successfully completing lessons, which they can use to enhance their virtual assistant.

Project Structure

Profile Settings" Page "Personal Assistant" Page
"Experience" Page
"Wallet" Page
"Learning — List of Lessons" Page
"Learning — Lesson" Page with various task types:
Missing Words
Memorizing Number Tables
"Shulte" Tables
Twin Words
Word Search in Text
"Training Mode" Page
"Reading Speed" Page
"Progress Statistics" Page
"Help" Page
"FAQ" Page


The basic working version of the web application was developed within 3 months and is maintained by the Zenetix team. At the initial stage, the project withstands a load of over 2,000 users daily,