• Service:Fullstack
  • Software:WordPress, Figma
  • Client:Stay Today inc
  • Date:2023

Rental Platform

Zenetix undertook the task of creating a website for renting accommodation, cars, and yachts in Miami, with a focus on maximizing the interests of both owners and renters. We aimed to spare users from unpleasant situations such as entering subpar accommodation, unexpected rent hikes, or the disappearance of the "owner" immediately after money transfer.


Zenetix team developed a web service with a user-friendly design and logical structure designed to ensure ease of use. The search is conducted based on key parameters such as date, area, map location, number of rooms and guests, as well as additional factors including apartment amenities, conveniences, and stay rules. The booking process has become remarkably simple through the completion of a straightforward form on the website.


We provided standard functionalities typical of such websites, such as apartment booking, occupancy calendar, filtering by key parameters, wish list, reviews, and ratings. Additionally, we added special features, offering a variety of accommodation, cars, and yachts across the country with up-to-date photographs for a wide selection.

Design and Navigation

Our minimalist design and user-friendly navigation ensure that finding the necessary information on the website takes no more than 2 minutes, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.


We developed an interface that maximally meets the requirements of modern users and aligns with business goals. The quick booking procedure is now available in just a few clicks, and the convenient information management for the project administrator ensures effective control over the entire process.